I’d love to have us wear them home if that’s alright

I’d love to have us wear them home if that’s alright

They moved along to a display of anklet socks that were trimmed with lace collars to fold down over his shoes. Betsy picked out eight pairs of them in several colors to match the dresses he’d be wearing. She took some plain white ones too. Some white strap shoes were next, and Beth had to sit down so they could try them on. Once they were sure of his size, he put on some pink socks and white strap shoes. Betsy got a second pair in white and also a pair of pink ones.

Some of them were pinned up on the wall with their short full skirts flared out to the sides

“Perhaps later I’ll get him a party dress,” said Betsy. “But his birthday isn’t til September. For now just some pretty dresses for everyday wear, and perhaps a couple of especially pretty ones for company and Sundays.”

Soon Mrs. Burness had helped Betsy to pick out nine dresses for him. She showed Betsy where the dressing rooms were so she could try them on him. Since they were all the same size, he would only need to try on one of them. When she had him in some panties, a poufy slip, and his dress, she took him out to the three-sided mirror. As he looked at his reflection, Beth felt like he was on display because a lot of salesladies and women with their little girls had come closer to see him. He was glad there weren’t any girls from school in the store.

And then he saw Nancy Roberts! She was in his class at school! Nancy waved at him with a big smile. Now he really thought it was the end of the world! He knew she’d tell all her friends about seeing him dressed like a girl.

“Look darling!” said Betsy. “That pretty little girl seems to know you! Let’s go over to her and her mommy and we can say ‘hello’ to them.” She held his hand as they walked towards them.

“Hi Eddie!” said Nancy. “Gee! You look so pretty I almost didn’t know it was you. Are you going to be a girl? Maybe we can play together now.” There were some quick introductions between Betsy and Nancy’s mother.

“And I know Beth will love playing with her. But right now I’m still picking out some things for him. Perhaps later in the week you can come over to my house and the two of them can play together.”

“Of course,” said Mrs. Roberts. “I don’t want to hold up your shopping for such a pretty little girl.” She smiled at Betsy and gave her a wink.

Would you like to see them?

“By all means!” said Betsy. “I know my little girl will love wearing a dress just like her mommy’s. Could we try them on? ”

“Certainly,” said Mrs. Burness. Pretty soon Betsy and Beth were standing in front of a big full-length mirror in the dress department wearing the look-alike dresses.

“See darling!” said Betsy. “Now everyone will know you’re my little girl when they see us together. Isn’t it nice to wear a dress just like Mommy’s?”

By now Beth was wearing panties, a poufy pink slip, his white strap shoes and pink anklet socks, and of course the pretty pink bow on his ponytail, along with the pink gingham dress that looked just like Betsy’s. It had short puffed sleeves with white trim on them, and a cute white secretary collar. About an inch of the same white lace hung from under the hem of their dresses. It buttoned up https://hookupdate.net/sugar-daddies-usa/fl/ in the back. A white sash went around his waist and was tied in a big bow in back.

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